Mother of 10yr old boy, Edinburgh
Thank you for all your help. My son has now developed strategies to manage the bullying which was impacting so much on school life. I am pleased to say has gone on to win a scholarship.

Mother of a 12yr old girl, London
The download provided was a great help to my daughter. I noticed changes in her behaviour and reactions beginning to shift right straight away. I am very happy with the progress made.

Both my children have benefitted from sessions with Karen. For my younger child two sessions stopped a 7 year habit of sucking his fingers which had been altering the position of his front teeth. I had tried splints and various potions in the past which did not work, but NLP was amazing. The dentist couldn’t believe the difference and the effect has been permanent.

My elder son, age 11, fell off the side of a bouncy castle some years previously. Although he was unhurt he began to have nightmares and flashbacks to the event which seem to have been triggered by an impending school camp visit with lots of high level activities. One session and a relaxation tape solved the problem and he had a great time at the camp, joining in and ENJOYING all the treetop activities.

Both boys thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Karen and are delighted with the results.

My daughter (11) struggles with her confidence, she is extremely shy. She has seen Karen a couple of times and now she has learnt some valuable techniques to help her with her confidence. She trusts Karen and really enjoys the sessions and she has gained a confidence building toolkit she can use at school or in situations she struggles with to enable her to speak out a lot more than she did. In general the sessions have made her feel more comfortable with herself. It has been a worthwhile experience for us all. She is doing really well now.

We moved not just house but country and my girls were finding it difficult to settle and I found it distressing to see them upset. They had sessions with Karen. Both girls worked on different issues in their individual sessions. They learned simple strategies to help manage their emotions, began to look forwards and gain an understanding that this was a new experience which they were not being able to enjoy fully because there was a resistance to change that was holding them back. A lot of their anxiety was being mis-read by others with whom they were trying to forge new friendships. By helping them be more relaxed things started to move forwards. On a recent holiday to our previous home, both girls loved seeing old friends but were keen to return back to school to see their new friends. They have a different perspective altogether.

Jack certainly enjoyed the course and came home very positive about his experience. For the first time in his life he had been nagging me to book an activity.

Parent/Teacher, Edinburgh
Kids NLP Scotland worked with both my boys, for different reasons. Thanks to them my younger son is now looking forward to going on holiday. My other son now feels he can overcome obstacles in his learning which were previously preventing him from showing his true potential. NLP has many tools which I truly believe can be used positively to help in the field of Education. As an educationalist with nearly 20 years experience I feel that there are a number of behavioural and learning difficulties that could be helped or resolved fully by the use of strategies and tools that are available through NLP.

Father Midlothian
She is much more confident in the playground now and makes friends more easily.